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  • Pressure Testing

  • Civil Engineering

    Structure, roads, bridges
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Welcome To Wawe International Company Ltd.

believes in enhancing the standard of its, services by focusing on the oil and gas industries, especially on the provision of Equipment Procument, Fabrication and Installation, Training and Placements, Intergrated Marine Supply, Protection and Corrossion Control, enviromental and Management Services.

Wawe Int'l Company Limited has a team of professional put together with well defined goals to unleash the abundant energy inherent in synergy.
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Knowledge Transfer/Training.

Wawe Int'l Company Limited is the platform that harvests the abundant local expertise. this we do by carrying out intensive and extensive training individuals who are interested in working in the oil and gas, marine and construction industries. We also place those that pass our proffessional training test into Oil and Gas or Oil servicing companies.

Our training and programme include Insulation/Tinsmith, Hydro-Testing, Steam Tracing, Termination.         Read More.

What We Do.

Insulation/Cladder Tinsmith
Hydro Testing/Pressure Testing
Computers/Data Storage Systems
Communication Equipment
Cold Room Services
Personal Protective Equipment(PPE)
Spare parts
Chemical Supply.
Office and Household Appliances.
Corrosion Monitoring & control.
Quality Control/Quality Assurance.
Civil Engineering Construction.
Power and Electrical.
Instrumentation & Control.
Engineering Maintenance Services.
Project Engineering and Management.
Supplies and Contract.